8 Things to Know in Preparing for Mediation in Family Law Disputes

Mediation is a popular method of resolving family law disputes in Australia. However, before you go for mediation, there are several things you should know to prepare yourself.

In this article, we discuss eight things to know when preparing for mediation in family law disputes. 

1. Understand the Mediation Process 

The first thing to know is to understand how the mediation process works. Mediation is a voluntary process, meaning both parties must agree to participate. During the mediation session, the mediator will facilitate communication between the parties, encourage them to explore their options, and guide them towards a mutually acceptable resolution. Unlike court proceedings, mediation is non-binding, meaning either party can walk away from the process at any time. 

2. Choose a Qualified Mediator 

The mediator you choose plays a critical role in the success of the mediation process. It is essential to choose a qualified mediator with experience in family law disputes. In Australia, many mediators are registered with the Mediation Standards Board, which ensures that they have the necessary qualifications and experience.  Find out more about mediation services here.

3. Hire a Family Law Lawyer 

While a mediator can help you reach an agreement, they cannot provide legal advice. It is essential to hire a family law lawyer who can provide you with legal advice before, during, and after the mediation process. A family law lawyer can help you understand your rights, explain the legal implications of any proposed agreements, and ensure that any agreements reached are legally binding. 

4. Prepare Your Case 

Before the mediation session, it is essential to prepare your case thoroughly. This includes gathering all relevant documents, such as financial statements, tax returns, and any other relevant information that may be needed during the mediation session.  Find out more on how to prepare for family mediation here.

5. Have Realistic Expectations 

It is essential to have realistic expectations when going for mediation. While mediation can be an effective way to resolve disputes, it may not always result in an agreement. It is essential to be prepared for the possibility that mediation may not be successful and that you may need to consider other options, such as going to court. 

6. Be Willing to Compromise 

Mediation is all about finding a mutually acceptable solution. This means that both parties will need to be willing to compromise and find a solution that works for everyone. It is essential to approach the mediation process with an open mind and be willing to consider all options. 

7. Keep the Communication Open 

Communication is key during the mediation process. It is essential to keep the communication channels open and to listen carefully to what the other party is saying. Avoid interrupting the other party or getting defensive, as this can hinder the mediation process. 

8. Follow Through on Agreements 

If an agreement is reached during the mediation process, it is essential to follow through on it. Any agreements reached during mediation can be legally binding, and failure to comply with them can result in legal consequences. It is important to ensure that any agreements reached are enforceable and legally binding. 


Mediation services offer an effective way of resolving family law disputes in Australia. However, it is essential to prepare thoroughly before going for mediation. This includes understanding the mediation process, choosing a qualified mediator, hiring a family law lawyer, preparing your case, having realistic expectations, being willing to compromise, keeping the communication open, and following through on agreements. By following these tips, you can increase the chances of a successful mediation process and achieve a mutually acceptable resolution. 

Disclaimer: Any advice contained in our articles is general in nature based on information as at the date of publication and should not be acted upon without first obtaining professional advice on your particular circumstances.

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