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Steps To Mediation:
Intake Session: Your mediator holds an initial meeting with each party separately to understand the issues, gather essential information, and explain the mediation process.
Agreement to Mediate: All involved family members agree to resolve conflicts through a fair and cooperative online mediation process and review and sign the agreement to attend mediation online.
Preparation: Your mediator will collect any necessary documents, such as financial statements or child custody agreements, or other materials they need.
Scheduling: You will be able to choose a convenient time for online mediation that works for everyone involved.
Technology Setup: Ensure everyone is comfortable with the chosen technology and conduct a pre-session test to avoid technical issues.
Mediation Session: The mediator will facilitate discussions, help identify key issues, and guide negotiations toward fair and practical solutions for both parties. Your mediator will be impartial and is there to empower both parties to reach resolutions that works for them.
Post-Mediation Summary: Once decisions are made, your mediator will send a summary of the outcome of mediation, and the plan discussed to formalise any agreement. The mediator will also send you an attendance certificate.*
*Please note this be an attendance-only certificate and NOT a Section 60i Certificate.

Mediation Options

Online mediation solutions, tailored to your matter, at fixed fees:







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