About us

Our goal is to become the most client-centric law practice in the world. We believe that expert legal advice is just the starting point of excellent legal services. Just as important is being able to make it clear, easy (and maybe even enjoyable!) for our clients.

At Essia Law, we are shaking up the legal industry. 

We are online lawyers, charging fair, fixed fees and holding ourselves accountable to our client's feedback. 

Expert lawyers with over 10 years' experience

 Online law firm, operating Australia-wide

Fair, fixed fees that are confirmed upfront

The essence of being a lawyer should be making life easier for clients. That means clear and direct legal advice to solve our clients problems. It also means solving these problems quickly and for prices that are confirmed upfront.

We founded Essia Law because we wanted to give clients an alternative to ever-increasing, uncertain fee estimates, and law firms charging them for an initial consultation just to give them a fee estimate, and we did this with our fixed fees which we quote upfront, prior to any charge. With our focus on clients, we wanted to ensure we kept these fees low, and to make our service incredibly convenient, so we decided to make our service 100% online.

It goes without saying that experience is fundamental to us at Essia Law, and for that reason, each member of our team, spanning Australia wide, has over 10 years' experience in the legal industry.

So if you are ready to receive expert legal advice you can rely on that doesn't break your bank account, get in touch and meet our team.   

Want competitive, fixed legal fees? 

Fees that you can pay in instalments or by credit card? Talk to us today and get advice for an expert lawyer, for less. 

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