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Get an expert and nationally accredited mediator to help at a competitive, fixed price to help resolve your dispute, fast.

Competitive, fixed prices

At Essia Law, we offer expert divorce services at cheaper prices, because we don't waste your money on fancy offices. Meet online to save money and time.



> Full service divorce application
> Appointment with Senior Lawyer to discuss
> Attendance at your hearing (if applicable)
> Filing fee in addition

$565 (incl GST)



> Full service divorce application 
> Appointment with Senior Lawyer to discuss
> Attendance at your hearing (if applicable)
> Process Service at discounted rate

$995 (incl GST)
Speak to us to find out which service suits your unique circumstances. If you need help with children or shared assets, see further below. Court filing fees apply in addition. You may also require additional legal services depending on your needs. 

Expert Lawyers

Clear, Fixed Prices

Online and Fast

But is it possible to get legal services entirely online?

Yes! It is not only possible but Essia Law is a pioneer in technology to ensure your experience is even better than in person.


Meet from the comfort of your home or office, stay in regular contact by phone or email.


Court documents can be lodged online, other documents can be shared and signed electronically.


The Court accepts e-signature. Financial agreements may be signed without a JP by post.


Court hearings, mediations, negotiations can all be online, for a less intimidating setting.

Expert, Nationally Accredited Mediators

Essia Law has a team of experienced mediators to help your property, tenancy, rental or neighbourhood dispute, whilst saving time and reducing stress. Our mediators aim to skillfully guide parties in order to achieve a resolution. We do this by exploring any obstacles present and facilitating discussions between the parties to determine a solution, and establish a plan for the future. 

Mediation services may be engaged prior to attending a tribunal to seek a resolution, and most tribunals require that this has been undertaken prior to commencing further proceedings.

Essia Law is here to help. We provide clarity on services and fixed-fees, and honour those costs without deviation.
We commit to:
Being efficient and transparent with fees.
Being excellent communicators.
Providing you with access to experienced and nationally accredited mediators.
Helping you resolve your dispute.

Want competitive, fixed legal fees? 

Fees that you can pay in instalments or by credit card? Talk to us today and get advice for an expert lawyer, for less. 

Resolve your disputes through Mediation



Mediation is an out of court and non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes between parties. The mediator is a neutral, third-party and assists parties to reach an agreement by facilitating discussions around the issues, barriers and other interests that are relevant in order to agree on an outcome and plan moving into the future.

Mediation services may be engaged prior to attending a tribunal to seek a resolution, and most tribunals require that this has been undertaken prior to commencing further proceedings.

If an agreement is not achieved during mediation, the process is "without prejudice". Meaning that the agreements proposed during mediation will not influence subsequent court / tribunal proceedings.



Preserve Relationships: By utilising a more collaborative approach to dispute resolution, relationships are more likely to remain on friendly terms. 

Maintain Control: Mediation allows inpute both parties as to their perspectives and desired outcome of a dispute. This is unlike when a matter proceeds to a court or tribunal where the decision is final. 

Decreased Costs: Litigation is costly, mediation is a more efficient method of dispute resolution and aims to resolve the issues, by avoiding costs associated with litigation. 

Save Time: Mediation itself usually only takes one day after the mediation conference date is set, with the whole process from initial consultations, only taking 1 - 3 weeks, unlike court proceedings / litigation which can take several months to years. 

Reduce Stress: the non-adversarial and less formal nature of mediation allows parties to reach an agreement and engage in collaborative discussions, reducing the emotional toll often experienced by parties to a matter in court proceedings. 



When a rental, tenancy or neighbourhood related dispute arises, it is generally best to attempt to resolve the dispute independently before seeking further action. In some circumstances however, this does not always occur, and the methods are necessary to aid in dispute resolution. Mediation is suitable to be engaged for a wide range of property / rental issues including: 

- Issues with repairs or maintenance
- Alterations / Additions to common property 
- Noise Problem
- Pets 
- Insurance Matters 
- Late Rent Payment
- Destruction of Property
- Structural Damage
- Bond Disputes 
- Fencing / Boundary Disputes 

Mediation can occur between neighbours or between a landlord and tenants before more adversarial methods of dispute resolution take place, such as, a hearing before a tribunal or arbitration. Most tribunals require that mediation takes place prior to proceedings commencing for the resolution of a dispute. 

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